Project managing and producing

Do you need a project leader or manager for a creative project?

Anna is able to coach your process from money aplications to a ready stage performance.

Anna could also promote, sell or produce your show, band or performance.

Anna currently managed projects for Konstkollektivet, Hållbarhetsveckan- Mölndals stad and ALproduktion.

For more info contact Anna by email:

What I Do:

Singer, Vocalist and Music duo
Anna is offering soloperformances, songwriting and customized giggs with the trubadourduo
Anna & Jesper
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Entertainer and Showartist
With a long experience on stage Anna is a wide showartist. She´s been acting in Abbashows, performed with livebands and trubadours.
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Musical theatre, Dancer and Actress
Chess the musical, theatre performances, modern dance or film. Do you want to send a job request to Anna?
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Team building workshops with a little help from drama, music and dance.
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Managing director
Administration, project managing, teaching
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Project Managing
With competence and experience of everything from writing applications to marketing and directing plays, Anna is the offering managing for your creative process.
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